Perspective on global affairs

Stance and action

Division One Academic and Language Services 

  • stands with the people of Ukraine, and opposes Russian aggression against that nation, and crimes against its civilians;  and 
  • stands with the people of Palestine, and opposes Israeli aggression against that nation, and crimes against its civilians.    

Correspondingly, until further notice 10% of all revenue derived from language services (poof-reading, editing, and translation) shall be donated, in equal share, to support those peoples.  

Furthermore, no jobs would be accepted from clients in Russia, Belarus or Israel until further notice.  

Other causes

There are many causes deserving of aid.  A valid question is to ask, "Why only those two causes?" Or, "Why select those particular causes?"  

In answer to the first question, Division One Academic and Language Services has limited resources to provide such support.  It would not be practical to give $1 to 1000 different charities.  It is more useful to provide the same funds to a small number of recipients.  

In answer to the second question, these are two grievous examples involving widespread killing of civilians (and other crimes & indignities) on an ongoing basis with numerous parallels.  Ultimately it appeared unbalanced to support only one, and not the other.  Of course, there are indeed other worthy causes (such as identified by the NGO's listed above) you can donate to an alternative cause, at your own discretion.