Our obligations

All business is handled professionally.  Privacy and confidentiality are taken very seriously. 

Your personal details will not be communicated to other parties without your prior consent, except where required at law. 

Your documents will likewise not be shared with other parties without your prior consent, except where required at law.

Editing should not go so far as to be potentially considered 'ghost authorship'.  (If substantial academic input would be beneficial, then co-authorship should be considered.) 

Your obligations

For academic journal articles and conference papers: 

  • Proof-reading engagements must be made with the full knowledge and approval of both the first author and the corresponding author. 
  • You should indicate in your submission letter to the Editor that the submission has been professionally edited to correct the English language expression. 
  • Disclosure in the Acknowledgements section of your paper is optional
    • Some journals discourage inclusion in the Acknowledgements. 
    • If allowed by the journal or conference, and if you desire, you can choose to either make a general statement (e.g. "This article was professionally proof-read.") or a specific statement (e.g. "We acknowledge Division One Academic and Language Services for assistance in improving the grammar in our manuscript."). 

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